Women's Leadership Conference

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Originally Aired - Monday, January 30 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Location: Women's Leadership Conference - Islander D

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Title: Women's Leadership Conference


Welcome and Brief Introduction 
Emcee: Katie Ford 

Opening Session: Stop. Reflect. Act.
Speaker: Shannon Vogel, Founder and Owner at Reach Social

Find your voice. Bring your authentic self. Step out of the lines. All great advice, if only those external (and internal) forces challenging your empowerment weren’t constant and relentless. This session is one part pep talk to give the internal fortitude to trust your instinct, another part permission slip to break the rules, and last part grace to accept failure, good tries, and never quitting.

What’s the Next Step: Considerations to Adding New Products and Services Into My Business
Moderator: Lisbeth Calandrino; Panelists: Randi Fuller, Katherine Millard

Many business owners are exploring new business opportunities for new profit streams and diversify their companies. Before jumping in, it is important to explore where you are and what you really want to achieve. This panel explores the risks and the opportunities in adding new products and services to stay competitive.


Meet the New Workforce and Their Expectations
Moderator: Jen Zurn; Panelists: Allana McInnis, Crystal Sims

Millennials and Generation Z will be over half the American workforce by 2025 and will continue to grow as Boomers retire (sorry GenX, we still love you). This young workforce is technology first, very learning enabled, and a completely different vision of work/life balance that will transform the workplace. For the better of us all.

Closing Session: The Metaverse: Online Experiences Translated to Real-World Dollars
Speaker: Leslie Carothers, Principal of Savour Partnership
There has been so much hype built around the metaverse with little to actually show for it with the exception of the gaming industry. Still, venture capital investment into the metaverse is projected to grow to $5 trillion so there is abundant opportunity on the horizon. You will learn what the metaverse is and isn’t, capture the early business potential in Millennial and GenZ shoppers (the #1 metaverse activity they request is shopping), and taking the 2D assets you already possess to transform into 3D - without huge investment. 

The Wrap-Up
Emcee: Katie Ford 

Type: Special Programming / Events


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